EP review: Maniac Abductor “Thrash Assault”

Maniac Abductor bandBy Stefan Nilsson, Roppongi Rocks

Finland is one of my absolute favourite metal countries. It is home to some of the best heavy metal in the world. Thrash metal is, however, generally speaking not what has put Finland on the metal map. But there is hope. Maniac Abductor formed in Joensuu, Finland in 2013 and has released a great debut EP called “Thrash Assault”. This is a band whose music is very much influenced by 80s Bay Area thrash metal, far away from the deep forests of North Karelia in Finland. They combine the signature sounds of the classical Bay Area thrash metal bands with the attitude and humour of East Coast thrashers like Anthrax and Overkill. The EP kicks off in a furious tempo with the title track “Thrash Assault” (yeah, you gotta love that title). Then follows the equally fast “Privacy for Sale” and the band then finishes the whole thing off with “First World Disease”. All three tracks are bloody good.

I really like this. Let’s hope we get a full-length album from these Finnish thrashers within short.

Maniac Abductor cover

Maniac Abductor – band members

Niklas Pappinen – vocals

Lauri-Matti Jaatinen – guitar

Jesse Elo – guitar

Jesse Räsänen – drums

Janne Parviainen – bass



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