Single review: Band of Brothers “This Ain’t No Place for the Broken Hearted”

By Stefan Nilsson, Roppongi Rocks

Sweden’s Band of Brothers offers us catchy and radio-friendly melodic rock on its new single.

Sweden has long produced quality melodic rock music, often inspired by classic American rock music. Behind the band name Band of Brothers, we find members of Swedish bands Angeline and Hion Martell. This band plays middle-of-the-road AOR. It’s grown-up music. It’s a very radio-friendly rock that won’t scare anyone’s parents. This single is a guitar-based melodic rock tune from the musical neighbourhoods where Journey, Foreigner and REO Speedwagon live right next to newer bands such as Revolution Saints and Kee of Hearts. It’s safe, but it works. I am all for dangerous, dark and edgy rock, but sometimes it is just good to chill to a catchy rock tune. That is what this is. “This Ain’t No Place for the Broken Hearted” sounds like a radio hit, a song made for summer radio and a drive with your new Jaguar along the coast.

Band of Brothers’ single “This Ain’t No Place for the Broken Hearted” will be released on 3rd July. A full-length album will follow in the autumn.

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