EP review: Sea of Snakes “World on Fire”

By Stefan Nilsson, Roppongi Rocks

Sludge-tainted and doomy, heavy-but-slow-ish American haze rock from Los Angeles.

Los Angeles, California-based quartet Sea of Snakes has made its first release and it is very promising. The five-track debut EP, “World on Fire”, is filled with great music. At times it has some terrific Monster Magnet vibes (not least on the track “Let the Fire Burn”) but this EP is a melting pot of different styles, including some Corrosion of Conformity echoes. On “Ride the Line” and on other parts of the EP, we get served up some cool The Doors-sounding parts among the heaviness. If you like your music served heavy as fuck but mostly slow-ish, this haze hard rock band should appeal to you. There is excellent guitar wizardry by Jim McCloskey among all the smoke and the raw power of Tracy Steiger’s voice is very fitting. A very promising debut by a band to keep an eye on.

Sea of Snakes’ debut EP “World on Fire” is out now via Metal Assault Records.


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