EP review: Sailing Before The Wind “Immemorial”

By Stefan Nilsson, Roppongi Rocks

The Japanese metalcore band marks its first decade with new EP.

Japanese metalcore Sailing Before The Wind was founded in Tokyo a decade ago and released its first EP “Judgement” in 2012. The band is led by bassist and songwriter Bitoku Sakamoto who some may recognise from his time as a touring bassist for Crystal Lake. Celebrating the band’s tenth anniversary, we get a five-track EP which features re-recordings of three old songs – “Sail Away”, “Cross the Ocean” and “Break the Silence” – as well as the new tracks “Decaders and “Misguided Sunrise”. “Misguided Sunrise” features a guest appearance by Lucas Spencer from Feed The Addiction. The band serves up a good version of metalcore – heavy riffs, melodic guitars, angry vocals, good melodies, breakdowns and constant tempo and style changes in the songs. If you’re a metalcore fan, this EP won’t disappoint.

Sailing Before The Wind’s EP “Immemorial” is out today.


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