Video premiere: Smoke Rites “The Rite Has Begun”

Polish band Smoke Rites gives us hazy, doomy, occult metal on the track “The Rite Has Begun”. The track is from the band’s forthcoming demo EP “The Rite of the Smoke”. The band’s line-up consists of Sabbatonero‘s Maksymina Kuzianik on vocals, Łukasz Borawski on guitar, Marek Lis on bass and Zdzisław Dyrman on drums. The track also features a guest guitar solo by Piotr Rutek Rutkowski.

Video premiere: Danish rockers Lucer release new single “Trouble”

Today Danish rockers Lucer premiere their new video “Trouble”. This is the first single from the band’s third album “The New World” which is expected to be released later this year via Mighty Music. The album has been produced in close cooperation with H.E.R.O. frontman Christoffer Stjerne. Lucer consists of Lasse Bøgemark on vocals and bass, Anders Bøgemark and Kristoffer Kristensen on guitars and Jonathan Nørgaard on drums.

Video premiere: Killing “Legion of Hate”

Danish thrash metal band Killing has today released a new single and video, “Legion of Hate”. The song is taken from the forthcoming album “Face the Madness” which be released on 13th August via Mighty Music. Killing’s members are Jesper Skousen on drums, Snade and Rasmus Holm Sørensen on guitars and Rasmus Soelberg on vocals and bass.

Video premiere: Electric Guitars “Dopamine”

Riff-happy Danish rock band Electric Guitars premieres a video for the new single “Dopamine”. Søren Andersen (on guitar and vocals) we know from his work with Glenn Hughes, Marco Mendoza and Mike Tramp. In Electric Guitars he is joined by Mika Vandborg (guitar and vocals), Peter Kjøbsted (bass) and Morten Hellborn (drums). “Dopamine” is the first single from Electric Guitar’s upcoming album “Freewheeler”, due in September via Mighty Music.