Single review: Night “Feeling It Everywhere”

By Stefan Nilsson, Roppongi Rocks

Swedish rock band Night releases a great new seven-inch vinyl single filled with classic rock and some hints of NWOBHM.

Swedish band Night has written two very catchy songs, “Feeling It Everywhere” and “Kings of the Night”, for this new seven-inch vinyl issue. Night started out as a hard rock band heavily influenced by NWOBHM but has evolved into more of a classic rock band with touches of melodic 70s hard rock. There are some echoes of NWOBHM still there, but for the most part, this is classic rock. Music-wise, Night lives in an international musical neighbourhood which is full of Swedish bands. They are perhaps so far one of the lesser-known bands in this heap, but that may soon change as they have proven with these new songs that they are among the very best. Maybe it’s just me, but I’d like to describe this as the bastard son of fellow Swedish bands The Night Flight Orchestra and Enforcer. That’s how it sounds more or less. Night’s next full-length studio album is expected to be released later this year. In the meantime, this vinyl single will do just fine to keep us happy.

Night’s new seven-inch single will be released on 3rd April via The Sign Records.

EP review: Bombs of Hades “Phantom Bell”

Bombs of Hades. Photo: Susan Wicher

By Stefan Nilsson, Roppongi Rocks

Sweden’s Bombs of Hades, fronted by multitasking artist Jonas Stålhammar, return with a sensational EP filled with a punky and groovy prog-doom-death metal with a difference.

Sweden’s Bombs of Hades are back with a four-track EP that is nothing short of sensational. It has everything I love about heavy music: great riffs and fantastic melodies as well as attitude. The EP has a glorious underground feel to it but at the same time, it is world-class.

Bombs of Hades’ frontman Jonas Stålhammar is currently also a member of At The Gates, This Lurking Fear and God Macabre and is a former member of Crippled Black Phoenix and The Crown. In Bombs of Hades, where he sings lead and plays the guitar, he gets to be centre stage and deliver his vision of extreme music. Somehow Bombs of Hades manage to combine bits and pieces of death metal with progressive rock, some doom touches and they melt it all down into their own sound. The band’s music grooves like it’s nobody’s business. The production is awesome and really manages to capture the essence of this terrific band. I love it. There are lots of tiny details here and there, some of which it takes a few times to fully discover. My expectations were, of course, high for this EP, but I am blown away at the song-quality and delivery of the four songs featured here. We get two original songs in the form of the in-your-face epic opening of “Phantom Bell” and the equally terrific “Bridge of Sighs”. I can certainly hear some traces of both At The Gates and The Crown here but with a Bombs of Hades twist or two. The EP also treats us to two excellent cover songs: “Kamikaze”, originally recorded by terrific Japanese rockers Flower Travellin’ Band for their cult 1972 “Made in Japan” album, and “Lungs”, originally by American country-flavoured singer-songwriter Townes van Zandt. The choices of covers show us how broad, deep and excellent Jonas Stålhammar’s musical tastes are and it also demonstrates his awesome ability to take terrific songs from other genres and make them splendid Bombs of Hades songs. The highlight for me on the EP, in addition to the awesome title track, is the guitar work on “Lungs”, which is perhaps best described as some kind of weird and wonderful spaced-out guitar jam between Ace Frehley and Phil Campbell. This is as you can imagine a bit different from your normal Swedish death metal band. It’s intelligent death metal with a punk attitude, splendid guitars and terrific melodies.

Bombs of Hades originally formed in 2002 and in 2020 Bombs of Hades’ members are Stålhammar, drummer Magnus Forsberg and guitarist PO Söderback (both of Puffball fame) and Roger Iderman on bass.

Bombs of Hades’ EP “Phantom Bell” will be out on 17th April via Black Lodge Records.

Album review: Lucifer “Lucifer III”

By Stefan Nilsson, Roppongi Rocks

Johanna Sadonis, Nicke Andersson and the rest of Lucifer are back with a third album that is pure magic.

Lucifer is a band that never disappoints me. They always deliver. Formed in Berlin in 2014, Lucifer has evolved to become a Swedish band fronted by a German vocalist. Lucifer’s new album, its third full-length studio album, is as good as I had hoped. Having collaborated with Cathedral’s Gaz Jennings on the first album, the band’s founder and leader Johanna Sadonis has in recent years formed a tight and creatively awesome relationship with Nicke Andersson (Entombed, The Hellacopters, Imperial State Electric). The couple married in 2018 and on this new album they continue their terrific musical partnership. In the current line-up of Lucifer, they are joined by Linus Björklund and Martin Nordin on guitars and Harald Göthblad on bass.

Lucifer’s third album is a continuation of 2018’s “Lucifer II” which was quite different from the debut album. Nicke Andersson’s influence is obvious. Nicke on his own is splendid and when you combine his talents with Johanna Sadonis’ qualities, you get magic. The Lucifer soundscape is dreamy, the doomy and a bit hazy with nods and hints to the rock of yesteryear. It is a wonderful mishmash of rock from the 70s while still sounding relevant here and now. “Lucifer III” is a bit less immediate and not as accessible as its predecessor, but that’s also why it’s even better. It isn’t music you just put on in the background while you’re washing dishes or doing the laundry. This is a fab rock music that demands – and deserves – your attention. By all means, you can have it on in the background while you’re grilling meat on the barbeque in the garden, but you risk screwing up the dinner. This is music you should ideally listen to in absolute darkness.

As often is the case when Nicke Andersson is involved, this is world-class music with heaps of playfulness and fun stuff in the mix. Song titles such as “Leather Demon”, “Coffin Fever”, “Flanked by Snakes” and “Cemetery Eyes” hint at the wordsmith qualities of Lucifer. Lucifer is a band that consists of educated musicians, people who know where their roots are and how you take such inspiration to create something new. Few people in the music industry are as clued up as Nicke. When I interviewed him here in Tokyo during Lucifer’s Japan visit last year, he summed up Lucifer’s sound as: “I think the easiest way, a kind of shortcut, is to say it’s a mix between Black Sabbath and Fleetwood Mac. Done!” He also noted that “there’s quite a bit of ABBA in Sabbath!” which sums up his analytical mind rather well. He knows his stuff, but at the same time, he lets playfulness be a central part of his music creation. Whatever led the paths of Nicke and Johanna to cross, we are forever grateful.

Lucifer on stage in Tokyo in 2019. Photo: Stefan Nilsson, Roppongi Rocks

Lucifer’s new album “Lucifer III” will be released on 20th March via Century Media Records. The Japanese version is being released by Trooper Entertainment.

Album review: Soundtruck “Voodoo”

By Stefan Nilsson, Roppongi Rocks

Soundtruck gives us Southern rock-inspired bluesy hard rock straight from Athens, Greece.

Soundtruck’s sound is bluesy hard rock meets middle-of-the-road radio rock. There is nothing dangerous here, nothing threatening, just decent rock performed by a great rock band. The band members see themselves as influenced by Southern rock acts such as Lynyrd Skynyrd, the Allman Brothers and Blackfoot and there is certainly plenty of that in the mix, but I feel that this is a bit broader than that. The guitars stand out on most tracks. There are some great guitar parts throughout the album and they are performed by guitar players (Vassilis Panagopoulos and Greg Apostolopoulos) who do not try to dominate the whole songs. “Heading Your Way” is solid stadium rock complete with a great guitar solo while “The Train” sounds like if it were the B-side on Bon Jovi’s Western-inspired hit “Wanted Dead or Alive”. “The Calling” has a hint of Monster Magnet in it with its groove, heaviness and great guitars. “Voodoo Woman” is rather jam-friendly in a Southern rock kind of way. “Stay” is a calmer track, bordering on an AOR power ballad. Overall, this varied nine-track record is a great rock album. Decent Southern hard rock from Greece, who would’ve thought?

Album review: Erik Lazaroff & Hökarna “Under hökens vingar”

Erik Lazaroff & Hökarna. Photo: Joe Hutt

By Stefan Nilsson, Roppongi Rocks

What a treat! Erik Lazaroff & Hökarna is a great new Swedish rock band with a recently released debut album. A terrific sound which combines Pugh Rogefeldt and Roky Erickson and blends it all with scoops of Blue Öyster Cult and November.

Erik Lazaroff & Hökarna is a new Swedish band playing rock with Swedish lyrics and a sound firmly stuck in the 70s. There are echoes here of Marc Bolan and T-Rex, Uriah Heep and similar British rock acts and some blues influences. Lazaroff himself mentions Blue Öyster Cult and Roky Erickson among his inspirations. But Lazaroff’s music primarily carries on a Swedish tradition of rock music from the 70s – think the rockier parts of Pugh Rogefeldt’s back catalogue and hints of Swedish bands from that era such as November and Solid Ground. On songs such as “Under hökens vingar” we get that fantastic jam-friendly kind of vibe. Music played by musicians who are not in a hurry to finish a song but rather have some fun with their instruments. They are here to entertain and they are good at it. There are plenty of fantastic songs here, such as “Kärleksbensin”, “Black Mamba”, “Häxkonst”, “När du fryser” and “Pansartåg”. “Innanför mitt skinn” is my personal highlight on the album. It is very catchy, has great guitars and manages to have a retro feeling while still being relevant and without sounding dated. Mainman Erik Lazaroff is the band’s vocalist, guitarist and songwriter. His band, Hökarna (Swedish for The Hawks), is a very competent bunch of musicians. Together they have created a debut album that sounds terrific. Old but new. Simple on the surface, yet complicated underneath. Effortless-sounding but no doubt an album which has demanded a lot of effort and dedication.

Erik Lazaroff & Hökarna’s debut album “Under hökens vingar” is available through Lightning Records and is distributed by Sound Pollution Distribution.

Album review: Conny Bloom “Game! Set! Bloom!”

By Stefan Nilsson, Roppongi Rocks

Electric Boys’ frontman Conny Bloom, one of Sweden’s few proper rock stars, is back with a splendid new solo album.

Ever since the 1980s, Conny Bloom has been one of Sweden’s few proper rock stars. Having made a name for himself with first Electric Boys and then Hanoi Rocks, he is now combining fronting a rejuvenated Electric Boys with a very interesting solo career. His solo work in recent years has been focused on music sung in Bloom’s native Swedish. It is rather different from Electric Boys, but it is equally good. Bloom’s solo work is an eclectic mix of singer-songwriter stuff, blues rock and other 60s and 70s-infused rock. Mainly it’s more rock and pop than the hard rock of Electric Boys and Hanoi Rocks. For those of us who understand the Swedish lyrics, it is obvious that Bloom is a proper storytelling wordsmith with humour as one of his main ingredients. While the lyrics are mainly on the funny side, most of them are also based on everyday situations. The street poetry of “Flyttkarl” is worthy of a literature prize of some sort. “Jag tror jag trollat bort mig själv” is a terrific song clocking in at 6.42 minutes. It’s hazy and jam-friendly rock – like something The Doors could have done if they had camped out in the Swedish countryside. “Gånglåt från Kärrträsk” is a splendid instrumental track combing folk music roots with haze rock. “Rulla på” is the album’s highlight for me. It’s very catchy but in a not annoying and rather understated way. The whole album has an air of playfulness about it. This is an artist who has had fun creating his solo album. The result is great.

Conny Bloom’s new solo album “Game! Set! Bloom!” is out today via Target Records.

Album review: David Reece “Cacophony of Souls”

By Stefan Nilsson, Roppongi Rocks

Former Accept and Bonfire vocalist David Reece is back with a new heavy metal solo album.

Vocalist David Reece made a name for himself by briefly fronting German hard rock acts Accept and Bonfire. He has also been part of other bands such as Bangalore Choir and Sainted Sinners. He’s now back with a new solo album called “Cacophony of Souls”. Reece is not reinventing anything here. But he’s doing what he does best – making great metal music which combines his powerful voice with heavy guitar riffs. This is metal music that works well as a soundtrack to your everyday life. The track “Blood on Our Hands” kicks off with guitars that remind me of Reece’s past as vocalist for Accept. “Metal Voice” is another great metal song with Accept vibes while the album’s title track is a bit different and stands out in a good way. “Another Life Another Time” is the album’s power ballad hidden among the rockier songs. My favourite track is “Collective Anaesthesia” which somewhat reminds of Avantasia. Much of the material on the album will no doubt fit in well among Reece’s back catalogue for his live shows. He now has quite a treasure trove of songs to pick from. On this album, Reece has once again brought back former Sinner guitarist Andy Susemihl, who has also played with another former Accept vocalist, Udo Dirkschneider, in the band U.D.O. Susemihl does a phenomenal job on the album but without overshadowing anything else. In Reece’s band, we can also find his old Sainted Sinners bandmate Malte Frederik Burkert on bass and Italian drummer Andrea Gianangeli.

David Reece’s new album “Cacophony of Souls” will be released on 13th March via El Puerto Records.

Album review: Dynazty “The Dark Delight”

Nils Molin of Dynazty in Tokyo in February 2017. Photo: Stefan Nilsson, Roppongi Rocks

By Stefan Nilsson, Roppongi Rocks

Dynazty is among the very best of what Swedish melodic hard rock has to offer. Now the band has released what is nothing short of a melodic hard rock masterpiece.

Melodic hard rock knockout! Dynazty’s new album “The Dark Delight” is sheer perfection from start to finish. If you like melodic hard rock with both proper melodies, guitars and energy, this is it. Dynazty has done it. I can just bow and say thank you for this masterclass in how it’s done. Formed in Sweden in 2008, Dynazty now consists of Nils Molin (vocals), Love Magnusson (guitar), George Egg (drums), Mikael Lavér (guitar) and Jonathan Olsson (bass). On the new album, the band has matured nicely and firmly found its own place. The album, the band’s seventh full-length studio album, opens with the knockout track “Presence of Mind”. It’s a wake-up call and it tells us that Dynazty is ready for the major league with this album which is so full of great music and creativeness. It continues with equally fab tracks “Paradise of the Architect” and “The Black” which has everything that a melodic hard rock song should have: energy, melody, catchiness, twists and turns, great vocals and a terrific combination of guitars and keyboards. The guitar intro to the track “The Man and the Elements” is phenomenal and it is only the start to a terrific song where Molin gets to showcase his voice. But this is first and foremost a guitar song which makes me think back to the glory days of Gary Moore. The obligatory power ballad on the album comes in the form of the track “Hologram”, but the focus on this album is more on songs with energy. The album is quite varied within the parameters of what is deemed melodic hard rock. Just listen to “The Road to Redemption” which nicely combines melodic hard rock with a more bluesy, singer-songwriter kind of vibe.

In addition to his day job fronting Dynazty, vocalist Nils Molin joined another Swedish band, Amaranthe, in 2017 as one of its trademark three vocalists. Amaranthe is no doubt a double-edged sword for Dynazty. It has brought new fans to Dynazty and it seems to have helped develop Molin’s voice to a more mature level. His voice sounds terrific on this album. In Amaranthe he shares vocal duties with two other lead vocalists, whereas in Dynazty he is the sole frontman and he gets to properly shine on every song. Amaranthe is a hard-touring band and Molin’s commitment there means that there is limited time for Dynazty tours. I don’t know what the thinking is in the two camps, but Dynazty needs to do more touring to take this to the next level. Now they have a ridiculously great new album to help them make it big as a band. But does Molin have the time to tour this album properly? I hope so. This album and this band deserve it.

Dynazty’s “The Dark Delight” will be released on 3rd April via AFM Records.

Single review: Conny Bloom “Med Charlie i Venedig”

By Stefan Nilsson, Roppongi Rocks

A limited-edition 12-inch vinyl combining the talents of Conny Bloom and Charlie Granberg? That is exactly what Record Store Day is all about! “Med Charlie i Venedig” is a whirlwind of a catchy party song.

Conny Bloom made a name for himself as the frontman of Swedish hard rock band Electric Boys and later as a guitarist for Finnish glam rockers Hanoi Rocks. He quickly established himself as one of Sweden’s few real rock stars. In 2020, he is still fronting Electric Boys but is balancing that with a solo career focused on songs sung in his native Swedish. It is music in a peculiar Swedish tradition of storytelling solo artists combining 60s and 70s-sounding rock with rootsy, bluesy and folksy American and British singer-songwriter influences to arrive at something great living in the hills that divide the valleys of rock and pop. For 2020’s Record Store Day, Conny Bloom has cooked up something special in a vinyl format. Charlie Granberg, frontman of Hellsingland Underground, features here in several ways: he was in the dream that inspired the title song, he has created the over-the-top artwork for the single cover and he’s guesting on the song as well. “Med Charlie i Venedig” is a whirlwind of a catchy party song. It’s a great and humorous song, perfectly positioned to become a future live favourite where the fans can shout along. The addition of a soul/funk-style brass section helps in making this song splendid. The lyrics are based on a dream Bloom had about being thrown in jail in Venice and watching his friend Charlie Granberg having the time of his life outside. The B-side, “Dags att vinna Wimbledon”, is a catchy guitar song about a winning attitude and leaving a lasting impression. It has a terrific guitar sound that makes it stand out together with that infectious catchiness.

Conny Bloom’s “Med Charlie i Venedig” is a limited-edition 12-inch vinyl that will be released by Target Records for Record Store Day on 18th April.

Album review: Stagman “Kejsarens nya kläder”

By Stefan Nilsson, Roppongi Rocks

Seasoned Swedish rocker Stagman delivers the goods on latest singer-songwriter solo album.

Bosse Stagman – aka Zinny Zan, formerly frontman of glam rock bands Easy Action, Shotgun Messiah and Zan Clan – returns with the latest solo album in a trilogy of albums sung in his native Swedish. Stagman is nowadays a grown-up singer-songwriter in a very Swedish tradition but with some obvious American influences as well. There are dark and very Nordic melancholic vibes on some of the songs while other tracks are a bit more upbeat. Many of the lyrics are a personal social commentary from Stagman, a master storyteller. Based on his lyrics, it is rather obvious that Stagman is no fan of the current government in Sweden. He seems to have become a bit more political on this new album as compared to the lyrics on the two earlier albums. Musically, things have also evolved somewhat with a more varied soundscape, including some great instrumental additions such as the odd saxophone for example. While his recent solo material is far removed from his glam metal days, it is a result of Stagman growing older and more seasoned. He’s not a kid any more. But his old fans have also grown older and I imagine that many of them, like me, will dig this. Stagman remains a remarkable showman and entertainer. In his current incarnation as an artist, he has ditched the image and is just being himself. This is a very personal and naked solo album. “Ser ni eldarna”, a song that manages to be both emotional and catchy, is a clear favourite of mine. The album’s title track is also a fabulous song. Other tracks that stand out are “En mil i mina skor”, “Inga sånger kvar i mitt jukeboxhjärta” and “Resan som vi gjort”. Fans of Stagman’s past as a glam rocker will be pleased to note that Nalle Påhlsson and Björn Höglund, who both played with Easy Action, are featured on the album.  Skintrade guitarist Stefan Bergström is doing a phenomenal job with his guitar on many of the songs which makes this a bit different than your average singer-songwriter album.

Stagman’s album “Kejsarens nya kläder” is out digitally today and in physical formats on 27th March via GMR Music.